Snom D385 VoIP Phone

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D385 Deskphone
With its wide range of functions and modern design, the Snom D385 marks the next generation of Snom VoIP desk phones and is a natural fit in any office environment. In addition to a high-resolution, inclinable colour display, the telephone also features a modern, clear design. Thanks to the Snom SmartScreen, the tedious labelling of function keys is finally a thing of the past.

The telephone's large 4.3 inch TFT colour display offers convenient access to all key information such as call lists, address books and functions. The user interface of firmware version 10 has also been redesigned to support users.

All keys on the Snom SmartScreen feature multicoloured LEDs, ensuring they are easy to see amidst the clutter of office life. A total of 48 entries are available to users over four pages. Each key can be individually assigned with speed-dialling, call forwarding or other functions via the telephone system or directly on the telephone.

  • High-resolution 4.3 inch TFT display
  • 48 freely programmable function keys / BLF keys (12 physical) in the second display
  • USB port
  • Integrated Bluetooth (NOT D385N)
  • Headset connectable
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