FlashStart 50 Cloud Coins

1 Year Internet Protection
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The FlashStart Cloud runs on geographically diverse server farms, providing high service availability and low latency. Filtering is implemented using  DNS technology  which has an unperceivable impact on the internet performance of end users. FlashStart only needs to inspect the very small DNS packets which precede the user-requested data transfer process. There is no subsequent delay to data downloads.


 -   Network Interfaces:  Compatible with every Router, HotSpot Wifi, Firewall and gateway. Supports static and dynamic IP & DDNS protocol. "Self-configuring" Push-Device Kit. Client available for Microsoft Windows.

 -   Content & App Filtering:  54 categories, white-listing & low false positives

 - Anti-Malware:  Block ransomware, botnet, phishing & other malware with a professional system

 - Reporting & Analysis:  Real-time reports and 6 months of data

 - Time-scheduling:  Enable/disable filtering based on time schedule

 - Search Engine Filter:  Remove pornographic and violent content from Google, Bing and YouTube results

 - Block Threatening Countries:  Stop accessing countries with a reputation for ransomware, malware and other risks

 - Whitelabel & API Integration:  In your own brand-name & integrated with your tools

 - Personal Blacklists:  Create personal lists for blocking or unblocking as an exception to system blacklists

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