UniFi Camera G5 Bullet (3-pack)

2K HD, 30 FPS, 5MP sensor
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Next-gen indoor/outdoor 2K HD PoE Camera.


- 2K HD, 30 FPS camera with a 5MP CMOS sensor
- View angle (84.4˚)
- Weatherproof IPX4-rated enclosure
- Flexible, three-axes adjustment
- Improved low-light performance and IR night vision up to 10m

Managed with the UniFi Protect application: Version 2.2.7 or 2.7.18 and later (web) / 1.10.0 and later (mobile)

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Artikelnummer UVC-G5-BULLET-3
Omschrijving 2 2K HD, 30 FPS, 5MP sensor
Merk Ubiquiti UniFi
Omschrijving UniFi Camera G5 Bullet (3-pack)

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