U Fiber, Single-Mode Module 10G

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For long-distance single-mode runs, use the UF-SM-10G for distances of up to 10 km at 10 Gbps, or use the UF-SM-1G for distances of up to 3 km at 1 Gbps.

Deploy a BiDi (BiDirectional) model, UF-SM-1G-S or UF-SM-10G-S, to maximize re-use of existing infrastructure.

You must deploy a BiDi model as a paired set of modules because the pair uses two different wavelengths, upstream and downstream, on a single fiber.

To protect DC power and fiber, deploy EdgePoint with EdgePower. 

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Omschrijving 22-Pack
MerkUbiquiti UniFi
OmschrijvingU Fiber, Single-Mode Module 10G

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