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GUV3000 USB Headset + GUV3100 Webcam
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Met deze thuiswerkbundel maak je een thuiswerkplek gemakkelijk geschikt voor werken op afstand. De dubbeloors USB-headset en Full HD-webcam zijn plug-and-play en maken iedere laptop of desktop direct geschikt voor videomeetings of bellen via softphone.


GUV3000 USB Headset:

  • HD Audio for crystal clear and easy communication;
  • USB connection provides flexibility on any device with USB compatibility;
  • Noise canceling technology to minimize background noise;
  • Offers an adjustable headband, in-line controls and left or right wearing style;
  • Compatible with any USB device, supports thirdparty and Grandstream platforms, apps and softphone (including Teams, Zoom, SLack, Google, 3CX and much more).


GUV3100 USB Webcam:

  • Supports 1080p Full HD video at 30 fps;
  • USB 2.0 port offers plug-and-play setup, no software needed;
  • 2 built-in microphones offer a 1+ meter voice pickup range;
  • Compatible with all major third-party platforms, apps and softphones;
  • Adjustable video settings include brightness, resolution, saturation, contrast, low-light and more.
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Omschrijving 2GUV3000 USB Headset + GUV3100 Webcam
OmschrijvingThuiswerkbundel Basic

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