Swyx DECT BS 600 L Multicell Base

white, w/o power supply, PoE
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Enreach DECT 600 L is a scalable DECT multicell system for medium and large enterprises, adapted for operation with Swyx on-prem and SwyxOn from version 13.

It is the update of the proven SwyxDECT 500 system; DECT 600 components are backward compatible under certain conditions.

For more information on the backward compatibility of Enreach DECT 600 components and on the operation of mixed systems of SwyxDECT 500 and Enreach DECT 600, please refer to the description of the respective components and to a detailed article on backward compatibility



  • Up to 1000 terminals DECT HS 6x0
  • Up to 256 bases DECT BS 600 L/DECT BS 600 Outdoor
  • 10 Narrow Band (G.711) or 5 Wideband (G.722) voice channels per base station
  • Repeater support DECT R 600, up to 6 repeaters per base, up to 3 in a chain
  • 5 Narrow Band (G.711) or 2 Wideband (G.722) voice channels per repeater
  • Support of DECT HS 630, HS 650, HS 670, SwyxPhone D510 and D565 with restrictions


DECT BS 600 L base 

  • 10/100 Base, power supply via PoE
  • Dimensions: 144 x 140 x 35 mm, white
  • Wall mounting, fixing material included in delivery
  • Power supply unit (PoE injector) as accessory
  • DECT BS 600 L bases can extend an existing SwyxDECT500 system after firmware downgrade
  • Order number: ENR-BS600L-96102561
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Artikelnummer ENR-BS600L-96102561
Omschrijving 2 white, w/o power supply, PoE
Merk Swyx
Omschrijving Swyx DECT BS 600 L Multicell Base
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