Snom M500

Base station
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Key features

  • Dual cell with up to 2 bases possible
  • Up to 10/8 handsets single / dual cell base
  • Up to 8 simultaneous calls (NB)
  • Wireless software updates for handsets (OTA)

Snom M500 - full DECT mobility

The Snom M500 dual cell system is the core of the new M500 series from Snom.

The Snom M500 is designed for all offices or businesses of medium size and scalability.
 Two base stations (with a planned update also more) can be combined to one DECT cell, in which up to 16 phones can be registered and just as many parallel calls can be made.
 The system supports both the robust and haptically ergonomic Snom M55 handset and the new Snom M58 DECT desk phone for mobile office workplaces.

A special highlight of the new dual-cell system is certainly the unique telephone system function "Shared Call Emulation" (SCE), through which calls from several trunk lines can be monitored system-wide by means of six LED function keys, answered, held and picked up with any connected telephone - a function that ensures an additional degree of flexibility in various application scenarios. Security is also the focus of this Snom product. The Snom M500 is equipped with the latest encryption standards (TLS & SRTP). Automatic configuration as well as zero-touch provisioning and authentication are carried out using Mutual TLS (MTLS).


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