Snom M30 IP DECT Handset EU

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M30 - Snom's advanced DECT multicell telephone

The M30 features a large colour display and fits smoothly into our line of professional handsets. It combines crystal-clear  audio quality with essential call functionality and typical business functions such as holding or forwarding.

Its powerful battery allows up to 22 hours talk time or up to two weeks stand-by time - you won't miss a call! Four additional keys are easily configured for speed dial and local contact numbers that can be called with the touch of the key.

Useful shortcuts to frequently used menus, e.g., ringtones, message box, or message sent, can also be programmed to enhance user experience. An M400 base station with up to twenty M30 handsets can handle ten parallel SIP phone calls.

  • Multicell compatible
  • Backlit keypad
  • Long standby time
  • Directory
  • OTA Updates
  • Belt clip
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OmschrijvingSnom M30 IP DECT Handset EU

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