M15 Handset + M200 Base
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The best of two worlds - the Snom M15 and the M200 base station:


M15 SC Handset

The Snom M15 SC is a high performance cordless DECT VoIP phone to be used with single-cell bases. This modern DECT telephone is easy to use and perfect for everyday business needs. With a wide 1.7’’ panoramic display, illuminated keypad and excellent voice transmission, the Snom M15 SC is the right tool for a variety of applications.
An integrated belt clip makes it easy to carry the M15 SC everywhere you go. A set of powerful batteries ensure up to 7 hours of talk time and up to a week on stand-by so you never miss a call.
The M15 SC is the perfect choice: both in the office and at home the Snom M15 SC meets all the requirements of the modern day working environment.


M200 SC Basestation

The M200 SC base station provides everything you need to create an economic, high performance and scalable DECT telephone solution. This modern DECT base not only provides excellent coverage but   also various phone functions such as direct access to the company directory and excellent HD audio quality.
Given its performance capacity, the M200 SC base station allows you to connect up to six Snom singlecell (SC) cordless handsets. In addition, the M200 SC can manage up to six different SIP identities and four simultaneous calls. 
To make integration with M15 SC phones easier, the base can be powered easily using Power over Ethernet (PoE). When first connected to the base, the telephones automatically download the latest software which means that all devices are always updated with the same version

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Omschrijving 2M15 Handset + M200 Base
OmschrijvingSNOM M215 SC

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