Snom D7 Colour Expansion Module USB

D7-serie, kleurenscherm
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The expansion module with high-resolution colour display

The Snom D7C is the expansion module for the phones Snom D785, Snom D765, Snom D735 and Snom D717.

The extension module has a high-resolution colour display with a completely revised user interface.

Connected to a Snom phone via USB plug & play, the Snom D7C expands the phone with another large screen and multiple application possibilities.

With the help of the 16 physical (48 virtual) freely programmable and multi-coloured LED function keys, the status of colleagues can, for example, be quickly recognised and the corresponding number dialled or a call forwarded. If the corresponding line or the LED function line lights up green, the colleague is available and can take a call.

And if you want to have a comprehensive overview, you can connect up to three Snom D7C in series and thus extend the range of functions enormously. Quite simply with plug-and-play via USB.  In addition, the power supply runs through the phone via USB.

The configuration of the Snom D7C works either via the existing telephone system or the Snom web interface.

The display of the extension module supports multiple styles and icons and custom background images can even be applied.

The Snom D7C is the colourful and informative extension module for selected phones of the Snom D7xx series.


48 programmable keys

(16 physical), with multicolour LEDs - The keys can be assigned with all functions available on the Snom phones, e.g. speed dial, direct dial or extension. The multicolour LEDs indicate the call and presence status of a direct dial.


High-resolution 6.8" TFT colour display

The D7C features a high-resolution colour display with a completely redesigned user interface.


Up to 3 expansion packs can be combined

If you need a lot of programmable function keys, the Snom D7C is ideal for you, because you can connect up to 3 in a row to each Snom desk phone.

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