Snom D335 Desk Telephone

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With the D335, Snom is fulfilling a frequently expressed wish - namely to integrate the many features of the Snom D735 in a phone of the D3XX series, but without having to give up the form factor of the popular 3 series.

The affordable Snom D335 is the little brother of the D385, our flagship of the 3 Series. It has a high-resolution TFT color display which is framed by 8 physical, freely programmable function keys. In addition, thanks to the integrated DSP processor, it offers the familiar HD sound when making calls. But the real highlight of the device is the integrated smart proximity sensor, with which the user interface of the phone can be controlled.

If the user's hand approaches the phone's display or function keys, the display activates automatically and shows all relevant information on key assignment. This allows even more information to be shown on the display without compromising clarity.

But that's not all, the Snom D335 has more tricks up its sleeve. These include an integrated Gigabits switch with Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality, a USB port to connect various additional devices (Snom USB stick or the Snom D3 expansion module) and much more.

With the Snom D335 we offer our customers a multi-faceted project phone with many functions at an attractive price.


  • High-resolution TFT display
  • 32 self-labeling function keys (8 physical)
  • Sensor technology enables responsive UI
  • Wideband hands-free talking (speakerphone)
  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP) enhanced audio quality
  • 2-port Gigabit Ethernet switch (RJ45)
  • Power over Ethernet IEEE 802.3af, Class 2
  • USB headset ready
  • D3 Expansion Module ready
  • Support for USB WiFi stick
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