SFP+ direct attach cable 25G 1m

1G / 10G / 25G, 0C+70C
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XS+DA0001 (1 meter)

Direct attach cable that supports not only SFP 1G and SFP+ 10G, but also the 25G SFP28 standard!

This is highly cost-effective way to connect two SFP/SFP+/SFP28 devices (for example two units of the new CCR2004-1G-12S+2XS) for very short distances, within racks and across adjacent racks.

They provide a low cost, low power and low latency interconnect solution for 25-Gigabit Ethernet, Fiber Channel and other industry standards, and are direct attached compliant and fully conform to the SFP+ MSA specifications.

Two versions are available- XS+DA0001 (1m) and XS+DA0003 (3m)

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Omschrijving 21G / 10G / 25G, 0C+70C
OmschrijvingSFP+ direct attach cable 25G 1m

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