Proscend 180-T VDSL2 SFP modem

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Compatible with:

  • EdgeRouters with SFP port
  • USG-PRO-4, USG-X-8
  • MikroTiks with SFP port

Proscend 180-T is a VDSL2 SFP modem that interconnects with Gateway Processor by using a MSA (MultiSource Agreement) compliant hot pluggable electrical interface. The DSL chipset inside the VDSL2 SFP modem supports all VDSL2 profiles that defined by ITU-T G.993.2. Compliancy with G.994.1 and G.997.1 standards, ensures its interoperability with all existing broadband network services. Furthermore, Proscend 180-T also features the latest ITU standards such as G.inp (G.998.4) and G.vector (G.993.5).

Proscend 180-T VDSL2 SFP modem realizes the modulation of VDSL2 broadband access. It can be integrated with routers or residential gateways that are equipped with a SFP type of WAN interface. There's no more need for Service Providers to maintain more than one type of CPE device in the field or in the warehouse, moreover, this also can give them the possibility to future upgrade. Users can upgrade to any broadband access data rate easily only by plugging in different type of WAN SFPs such as VDSL2 35b/ or optical TRx SFPs with the same internet box and user interface.

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OmschrijvingProscend 180-T VDSL2 SFP modem

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