Plantronics EHS APU-76 PC

Connectivity Skype4B
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The APU-76 new electronic hookswitch cable is replacing the existing APU-75 to improve compatibility with a greater range of phones.
The APU-76 EHS cable enables the CS500 Series to be connected directly to your PC/Mac to manage softphone calls and is also compatible with Plantronics Hub and Plantronics Manager Pro software to manage multiple softphones and inventory.

* The APU-76 provides plug and play compatibility with Microsoft Skype for Business.

To find out if this cable works with your softphone, visit the Plantronics Compatibility Guide.

This cable also works with Mitel 6867 and Mitel 6869 desk phones and may work with additional manufacturers - check the Compatibility Guide for more information.

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Omschrijving 2Connectivity Skype4B
OmschrijvingPlantronics EHS APU-76 PC

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