MTCTCE MikroTik Certified Traffic Control Engineer
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Deel dit bericht:
Datum:  Op aanvraag
Tijd: 2 dagen van 09.00 tot 17.00 inclusief lunch
Code:  MikroTik - MTCTCE
Trainer: Alfredo Giordano
Type en doelgroep:  Service Engineers
Taal:  Engels
Kosten:  € 599,- inclusief lunch per persoon
Locatie:  SDC Academy, Havenstraat 39, Doetinchem
Inschrijven: Inschrijfformulier

General Information:

Mikrotik Certified Traffic Control Engineer is an advanced Certification of MikroTik career that covers in details QoS, Firewall and DHCP. 

It is intended for network administrators interested in designing and implementing advanced traffic control and firewall policies with MikroTik routers.

Prerequisites: A good basic knowledge of TCP / IP, required tools 

Course Description:

Course is a detailed overview on the traffic control teqniques of Mikrotik RouterOS. Training covers many Technologies used for QoS and firewalling and is organized in the following modules:

  • DNS management in RouterOS
  • static and dynamic DHCP leases
  • Bandwidth control and network impact
  • Firewall – tables and chains
  • Types of network traffic
  • Firewalling best practices
  • Protecting your infrastructure, client and servers
  • Connection tracking
  • Various type of NAT
  • QOS and Mangle understanding Mangle table
  • Queue Tree and Simple Queues
  • Online certification exam

The complete official program of the course is available here.
The course includes:

  • Training material in pdf
  • MTCTCE certification
  • L4 RouterOS License (if approved)
  • Usage of a MikroTik Router for laboratory tests.
  • Coffee breaks
  • Lunch

Requirements & tools:

  • A good understanding of TCP/IP protocol and the OSI stack
  • Good practice with IP Addressing / subnetting
  • Basic Networking and routing concepts
  • Laptop with Windows (or any system that can run winbox)

Online test:

  • The certification exam will be held online in English on the MikroTik website
  • The results will be immediately available
  • MTCTCE test includes generalized questions about Mikrotik and specific questions about NAT, QoS and Firewall
  • The use of online translators will be allowed
  • The minimum score required to pass is 60% if you get a score of 50% to 60 % you will be granted of a second chance.
  • The MTCNA certificate will be immediately available in your MikroTik account