OpenScape DECT Phone R6

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The OpenScape DECT Phone SL6, S6 and R6 handset have been tested with the following systems:

Product family Product System prerequisites

OpenScape 4000 OpenScape 4000 V8 und V10/Cordless Enterprise from CMI LW V7R1.19.0
OpenScape Business OpenScape Business Cordless from OpenScape Business V3R0
OpenScape Cordless IPV2 SIP Interface from V2R1.36.0

Tests at predecessor releases of the systems were not carried out.
The use of the handset in earlier system-versions should be possible, but functional restrictions
could not be absolutely excluded.

12 maanden garantie. (6 maanden op de accu's)

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Artikelnummer L30250-F600-C524
Omschrijving 2 Robuuste Unify handset zonder lader
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Omschrijving OpenScape DECT Phone R6
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