NETGEAR Prosafe GS748T

met 4 x SFP
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48 10/100/1000 ports deliver full-speed packet forwarding in a 1U size to migrate your network to future-proof functionality. Four SFP GBIC fiber slots provide optional fiber connectivity for greater distance


Smart Switch capability enables key management features for the value price of an unmanaged switch. Included are performance monitoring, port configuration, VLAN for traffic control, port trunking for increased bandwidth, and Class of Service (CoS) for traffic prioritization.


Simple to set up and simple to use for effortless network monitoring and troubleshooting. Made to last, this sturdy switch is housed in a 17-inch metal box and comes with a rack mounting kit.

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Artikelnummer GS748T-500EUS
Omschrijving 2 met 4 x SFP
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Omschrijving NETGEAR Prosafe GS748T

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