nanoHD-RetroFit-3 3-Pack

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The UniFi nanoHD AP RetroFit Mount makes upgrading to the UniFi nanoHD AP quick and convenient. The RetroFit Mount allows you to mount the UniFi nanoHD AP over existing UniFi AP mounting brackets, with no additional tools needed. Available in three-packs.


Dimensions (Mounting Plate Only): 187.8 x 187.8 x 16.7 mm (7.39 x 7.39 x 0.66")
Weight: 105 g (3.70 oz)

Package Contents

Retrofit Bracket

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Artikelnummer NANOHD-RETROFIT-3
Merk Ubiquiti UniFi
Omschrijving nanoHD-RetroFit-3 3-Pack

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