MikroTik hAP ac lite

Dual-concurrent Access Point
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hAP ac lite

The hAP ac lite is a Dual-concurrent Access Point, that provides Wifi coverage for 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies at the same time.

Unit is equipped with a 650MHz CPU, 64MB RAM, five 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports (PoE output on port #5), dual-chain 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz wireless, single chain 802.11ac 5GHz wireless, USB port for 3G/4G modem and a RouterOS L4 license.

We have two versions available - RB952Ui-5ac2nD (International) and RB952Ui-5ac2nD-US (USA). RB952Ui-5ac2nD-US (USA) is factory locked for 2412-2462MHz, 5170-5250MHz and 5725-5835MHz frequencies. This lock can not be removed. RB952Ui-5ac2nD (International) supports 2412-2484MHz and 5150MHz - 5875MHz range.  

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Omschrijving 2Dual-concurrent Access Point
OmschrijvingMikroTik hAP ac lite

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