Grandstream GUV3000 USB Headset

with Noise Canceling Mic
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€ 39,00

The GUV3000 HD USB Headset that pairs with laptops, computers, IP phones and other devices to offer high-quality sound. Ideal for remote workers and busy environments, this USB headset feature a noise cancellation microphone that minimizes background noise to provide crisp HD audio.

Grandstream's new headset provide all day comfort thanks to adjustable headbands and soft ear cushions while audio is easily adjusted using the in-line controls. GUV series devices are compatible with any device that offers a USB connection.


Key Features Include:

  • HD Audio for crystal clear and easy communication
  • USB connection provides flexibility on any device with USB compatibility
  • Noise canceling technology to minimize background noise
  • Offers an adjustable headband, in-line controls and left or right wearing style
  • Compatible with any USB device, supports thirdparty and Grandstream platforms, apps and softphone (including Teams, Zoom, SLack, Google, 3CX and much more)
  • 2 jaar garantie 
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Omschrijving 2with Noise Canceling Mic
OmschrijvingGrandstream GUV3000 USB Headset

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