Gigaset Mobile Dock Android

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Gigaset Mobile Dock Android


With the Gigaset Mobile Dock your smartphone can become just another part of your home's fixed-line system.


  • Call forwarding for up to two smartphones to your cordless phone;
  • With the Mobile Dock app, calls to your smartphones are automatically forwarded to the handset of your cordless phone. All you need to do is connect your cordless DECT home phone to MobileDock.
  • Caller ID with name or number to Gigaset handsets
  • Charge your smartphone quickly at up to 1500 mA
  • Caller ID active on your smartphone.
  • Compatible with: Gigaset C530, C620, CL540(DUNE), DX800A, E630, S850, SL400, SL450 (for more information refer to
  • Compatible with smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0 / Android 4.4 or later
  • Caller information must be available in smartphone directory
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