Gigaset Comfort 550Hx Black

losse handset met lader
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De echte opvolger van de succesvolle Gigaset C530Hx.

  • Handset for registering with existing DECT base stations and routers
  • Timeless and elegant design
  • 2.2" TFT colour display for optimal readability
  • Hands-free function & headset connection(3,5mm)
  • Two display keys for important functions
  • New comfort call protection
  • Simple operation
  • Large digits for dialling
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Removable belt clip
  • Large address book up to 200 contacts
  • Baby phone function
  • Eco Dect (Autom. reduction of transmission power, Radiation-free in standby mode, Low energy consumption)
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Omschrijving 2losse handset met lader
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OmschrijvingGigaset Comfort 550Hx Black

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