GDS3710 IP Video Door System

Weather proof, vandal resistant
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HD IP Video Door System


The GDS3710 is an IP Video Door System that also serves as a high-definition IP surveillance camera and IP intercom to offer facility access control and security monitoring for buildings of all sizes.

This powerful IP Video Door System offers a 180-degree video viewing angle for wall-to-wall coverage, has a built-in RFID chip reader for secure keyless entry, includes a built-in microphone and speaker to support intercom functionality and offers alarm-in and alarm-out support for integration with existing security devices.

The GDS3710 integrates with Grandstream's free management utility software, GDS Manager, allowing RFID card information, video feeds as well as the device itself to be fully managed by this software.

Powered by an advanced Image Sensor Processor (ISP) and state-of-the art image algorithms, the GDS3710 delivers 1080p FHD video resolutions and offers exceptional performance in all lighting conditions.

It features SIP/VoIP technology with 2-way audio and video streaming feeds loaded directly to smart phones, SIP endpoints and the GDS management software.

The GDS3710 is equipped with integrated PoE for seamless installation, bright LEDs for illumination, motion detector for security protection, lighting control switch and more.

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Omschrijving 2Weather proof, vandal resistant
OmschrijvingGDS3710 IP Video Door System
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