Outdoor Wireless Systems

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  1. mANTBox 52 15s
    mANTBox 52 15s Dual-band 2.4/5 GHz outdoor base station
    Art.nr. RBD22UGS-5HPACD2HND-
  2. Wireless Wire nRAY pair
    Wireless Wire nRAY pair 60 GHz point-to-point 2 Gb/s
    Art.nr. NRAYG-60ADPAIR
  3. Wireless Wire Dish pair
    Wireless Wire Dish pair 2 Gbs aggregate link up to 1500m+
    Art.nr. RBLHGG-60ADKIT
  4. RBwAPG-60ad-A 60G AP
    RBwAPG-60ad-A 60G AP 60 GHz Base Station
    Art.nr. RBWAPG-60AD-A
    wireless wire
  5. CubeG-5ac60adpair
    CubeG-5ac60adpair Wireless Wire Cube Pair
    Art.nr. CUBEG-5AC60ADPAIR
  6. RBwAPG-60ad-SA  60Gx3 AP
    RBwAPG-60ad-SA 60Gx3 AP 60 GHz Base Station 180°
    Art.nr. RBWAPG-60AD-SA
  7. LtAP mini LTE kit
    LtAP mini LTE kit with RouterOS L4 license
    Art.nr. RB912R-2ND-LTM&R11E-
  8. Wireless Wire RBwAPG-60ad kit
    Wireless Wire RBwAPG-60ad kit 60 GHz wireless link
    Art.nr. RBWAPG-60AD KIT
  9. wAP ac
    wAP ac Weatherproof access point
    Art.nr. RBWAPG-5HACD2HND
  10. wAP ac (black edition)
    wAP ac (black edition) weatherproof access point
  11. wAP LTE kit
    wAP LTE kit weatherproof wireless AP +LTE modem
    Art.nr. RBWAPR-2ND&R11E-LTE
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