freeVoice SoundPro 310

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SoundPro 310 - The practical helper for call centres and offices

You will experience the best telephone comfort with the freeVoice SoundPro 310. The outstanding sound quality and ergonomic design of the SoundPro 310 gives you the feeling of a face-to-face conversation. It almost lets you forget you are on the phone.


The SoundPro 310 satisfies your basic requirements on an optimum phone call and convinces through its outstanding value for money. The SoundPro 310 offers the most innovative functions such as a noise-suppressing NC microphone, soft ear pads and adjustable headband.


Best sound quality
Broadband loudspeakers offer maximum sound quality, for fewer misunderstandings and repeated questions. The noise-cancelling microphone filters out ambient noise and ensures and optimum voice quality.


Exemplary wearing comfort
The large, soft ear pads with their fully flexible suspension offer ideal wearing comfort. This means that the ear pads automatically adjust to the individual shape of the ear for better acoustic coupling. This allows the headset user to concentrate fully on the phone call.

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Artikelnummer FSP310M
Omschrijving 2 Mono
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Omschrijving freeVoice SoundPro 310

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